2018 Road Worlds for Seniors International Champion Norman Côté Wins Bruyère Village Intramurals Cycling Championships


Although he was an athlete all his life, Norman Côté uses Motiview to stay motivated to be active and committed to his cycling sessions, and as a result he was able to push hard at the finish line to capture the title of Men’s Champion for the Road Worlds for Seniors Championship in 2018.

Our Motiview solution encourages older adults to increase physical activity through the power of reminiscence. We have seen incredible commitment from our cyclists as Motiview turns “older adults and those living with dementia into dedicated athletes”.  

Norman added to his medal collection last weekend at Bruyère Village in Ottawa, Ontario, after winning the men’s category of their Intramurals Cycling Championships.

Despite problems with his typically ‘good’ hip, and a trip to Korea that caused him to miss the last couple days, Norman put in plenty of time on the bike while cycling to Motiview videos - going more than 1,000km in the two-week time frame of the competition at Bruyère Village.

“I didn’t have a plan or anything,” Norman told us. “I just sat down and did it.”

Norman also gives credit for his success to his mom, who lived to be 100, and the great genes she passed down to him. Although he’s competing in the upcoming 2019 Road Worlds for Seniors Championships, Norman isn’t stressed or feeling the pressure to defend his title.

“I never prepare for anything, I just take it as it comes.”

The natural athlete (Norman has played softball, soccer, rugby, and has run numerous marathons) tells us his secret to success is to be active for an hour every other day. “If you go three days [without exercise], it gets too hard. That’s my motivation - to always stay active.”

As someone who is consistently on the move, Motiview adds variety and enjoyment into his workout routine. Some of Norman’s favourite videos include tours through the Black Forest in Germany and Switzerland, and he’s eager to discover the newly released videos of Korea, and reminisce about where his daughter was recently married.

Motitech and Bruyère Village aren’t the only ones who’ve noticed Norman’s abilities. A spin club in Gatineau invited him to join a class, and gifted him with a full cycling suit, for which he is very grateful. “It was a great group of guys, it made me very happy.”

Norman’s only request? Longer videos! He has to stop during his hours-long cycling sessions to select new ones. Most videos range from 15 to 30 minutes. But for athletes like Norman, he just keeps ‘pedalling on” We at Motitech love user feedback are always adapting to meet the needs of our athletes like Norman as he works to reclaim his title in the Road Worlds for Seniors Championship this September.

“The second-place finisher last year lost by only 0.4km,” Norman explained. “Can’t waste time!”

Editor’s Note: If you are the spin club in Ottawa which invited Norman to join a class, he asked us to let you know he is very grateful for the opportunity, and the gift.