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Motiview For Preventative Care

Motiview technology allows users - typically, seniors and adults living with dementia - to cycle down memory lane, providing videos and soundtracks to accompany their exercise. The videos of familiar cities and locations have a number of benefits for residents in long-term care homes, including improved memory and faster rehabilitation following an injury or surgery.

Rehabilitation, however, isn’t the only way Motiview can help. The technology has also been used in preventative care. Here are some ways Motiview can make a difference early on.



A Royal Ride Down Memory Lane

In February of 2018, at an event in Norway highlighting innovative start-up companies, Motiview was put to the test by none other than Prince William himself.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were on their first official visit to Norway when they stopped by the innovation fair. As Prince William began pedalling, it was soon clear they were in familiar territory, cycling through the streets of St. Andrews.

“You’re bringing us down memory lane,” the Duchess said.

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From Academia to Industry: A Q&A With Motitech Canada Director of Market Development, Dan McEwen

We sat down with Dan McEwen, Director of Market Development, to talk about his experience working with Motitech after earning a Ph.D. in Rehabilitation Science at the University of Ottawa.


2018 Road Worlds for Seniors International Champion Norman Côté Wins Bruyère Village Intramurals Cycling Championships

Although he was an athlete all his life, Norman Côté uses Motiview to stay motivated to be active and committed to his cycling sessions, and as a result he was able to push hard at the finish line to capture the title of Men’s Champion for the Road Worlds for Seniors Championship in 2018.

Our Motiview solution encourages older adults to increase physical activity through the power of reminiscence. We have seen incredible commitment from our cyclists as Motiview turns “older adults and those living with dementia into dedicated athletes”.  

Norman added to his medal collection last weekend at Bruyère Village in Ottawa, Ontario, after winning the men’s category of their Intramurals Cycling Championships.


Gear up and get ready, Road Worlds for Seniors is back!

It’s almost that time of year again - Motitech is getting ready to host the international Road Worlds for Seniors competition in September!

Ready to participate in Road Worlds for Seniors?

Find out more here.

Motiview has improved the quality of life for many seniors and adults with dementia living in long term care and seniors centres. Many experience benefits(link to previous blog) to their overall quality of life and eagerly cycle on a regular basis. The Road Worlds for Seniors competition adds an additional level of fun, motivation, and some friendly competition to it!

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Why Motiview? The Real Benefits

If you work or have a relative in a long-term care facility in Ottawa, then you’ve probably heard rumblings of Motitech and our product, Motiview. While at its core Motiview may seem like just another activity, it’s much more than just a way to keep loved ones occupied while they’re in care homes.

In fact, Motiview provides a host of benefits to seniors and adults living with dementia, many of them immediate. Here are a few benefits to watch for when Motiview enters care facilities.