Endless Travels With Motiview

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Have you ever wanted to take a road trip down the famed Highway 1 in California, or walk along the boardwalk in Singapore? Or maybe you grew up in London but haven’t been back in years, and wish you could see the old coffee shop you loved so much.

With Motiview, it’s all possible!

Motiview has a database of more than 1,700 videos cyclists can choose from, giving them an endless variety of landscapes and cityscapes to pedal along to, no matter which part of the world they wish to explore that particular day.

The motivation that the videos provide to seniors and adults with dementia in long-term care homes is an important factor in getting them on the bikes and exercising in the first place. However, aside from making the exercise more enjoyable, research shows memory stimulation can also contribute to improving memory in persons with mild cognitive impairment. An important part of daily life at nursing homes is to work with memory recall in patients with dementia. The films used with Motiview are designed to generate memories and associations.

It has also been shown that the stimulation of memory can improve the brain’s plasticity, increase neuro-cognitive connections and slow down progressive degeneration.

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 The act of exercise on it’s own has been proven to be beneficial to seniors and adults living with dementia, but for those living with chronic pain, injuries, or other health concerns, just getting on a bike to pedal can be a challenge. The Motiview technology is compatible with any style of bicycle, making it accessible even to those who cannot safely leave their wheelchairs. Once they are pedalling along to the beautiful views, residents often pedal for a longer amount of time than they would without the videos ... and want to come back to visit a new place!

The videos help bring some residents back down memory lane, jogging their memories and encouraging conversation with those around them. Even Prince William and Princess Kate were surprised and reminisced when they tested out Motiview last year, and their ride took them past their old dorm room, and the coffee shop where they first met. 

Of course, the videos can also take users to places across the world they have never been before, giving them the opportunity to travel and explore new cities. 

If you’re interested in seeing a demo of the videos and technology yourself, or would like more information on how you can get Motiview into your local long-term care home, contact us today.