Gear up and get ready, Road Worlds for Seniors is back!


It’s almost that time of year again - Motitech is getting ready to host the international Road Worlds for Seniors competition in September!

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Motiview has improved the quality of life for many seniors and adults with dementia living in long term care and seniors centres. Many experience benefits to their overall quality of life and eagerly cycle on a regular basis. The Road Worlds for Seniors competition adds an additional level of fun, motivation, and some friendly competition to it!

What is Road Worlds for Seniors?

Road Worlds for Seniors is an annual competition that spans multiple countries and continents between seniors and adults living with dementia in long-term care facilities, retirement homes and day activity centres.

Who Can Participate in Road Worlds for Seniors?

The short answer is everyone! Anyone with access to Motiview technology can participate in the competition. We crown a Male World Champion; Female World Champion, and the Best Overall Team! There’s even a prize awarded to the Best Support Team in the world - so even if you’re not the one doing the cycling, there is plenty of opportunity for everyone to be involved!

How did Road Worlds for Seniors get Started?

Road Worlds for Seniors was held for the first time in September 2017 when it was a part of the Public Health Campaign for the Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI) Road World Championships held in Bergen, Norway.

Since then, the Road Worlds for Seniors has been held in September of every year to coincide with the elite race happening on the roads outside!

How many people compete in the Road Worlds for Seniors?

In that first year, 1150 participants from five countries cycled in the competition!

Wearing specially made championship T-shirts, hats, and buttons, the participants

cycled an impressive distance of 30,000 km in just six weeks! The cyclists, staff, relatives, and volunteers made a lot of festivities and everyone had a lot of fun through it all.

In 2018, the number of participants more than doubled; 2,500 cyclists signed up for the competition - this time from Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Iceland, United Kingdom, and Canada.

 We are aiming for even more countries and 7,000 participants in 2019.

 Our goal is to make Road Worlds for Seniors the largest sporting event in the world by participant size within the next four years.

.Are you interested in signing up for the 2019 Road Worlds for Seniors? Call us today at 613-800-1125 or contact us online. We’ll see you at the (virtual) starting line!