Road Worlds for Seniors 2019 Coming up Soon!

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The Road Worlds for Seniors is a global cycling competition hosted by Motitech that creates

friendly competition against long term care homes and the individual residents, to see who can

travel the most kilometers over a six week period.

It’s a competition, but most importantly it encourages physical activity and social engagement in

seniors and adults living with dementia.

Last year, 2,500 participants signed up from Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Iceland, United

Kingdom and Canada. This year, we’re aiming even higher and have a goal of 7,000 participants

from even more countries.

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“Road Worlds for Seniors brought people together, participants

made new friends. Individuals who couldn’t normally engage in

physical activity were able to pedal the bike. A family member

commented on how it helped his father with his mobility


— Care Home, Ottawa, Canada

Road Worlds for Seniors was born out of the Public Health Campaign for the UCI Road World

Championship in Bergen. Read more about the cooperation here. Each year, we crown a male

champion, female champion, and the top team. We even offer a prize to the best support


Last year, our global male champion was from right here in Canada! Norman Côté cycled

200kms each day to pull out the win in the final days of a close competition. Not only did

Norman win an individual title, the team he rode for, Bruyère Village in Ottawa, Ontario, also

took the bronze medal in the team competition.

Norman went on to take the title at Bruyère Village’s internal competition earlier this year, so

competitors will want to step up their game come September!

September is coming up quickly, so be sure to sign up early to secure your team’s spot in this

year’s competition!

For more information or to sign up, contact us today!.