World Champions!

What an effort in this year's Road Worlds for Seniors! 

DOUBLE CHAMPION: Norman Côté won the mens Road Worlds for Seniors for the second time.

DOUBLE CHAMPION: Norman Côté won the mens Road Worlds for Seniors for the second time.

This is clearly a very important competition for many. Queues on the bikes, extended opening hours, early morning and late night biking, and meals included on the bike.

After 25 days and a total distance of 108,412 km, it finally became clear who of the 194 teams and 4,300 cyclists could call themselves world champions.

Road Worlds for Seniors final results here

This year's team was Furuset!

Furuset seniorsenter just outside Oslo in Norway, set the standard early in the team competition…they were determined to win! The cyclists nearly demanded that the opening hours had to be extend - all to secure the place at the top of the table. 

And it held true even though the closest challengers, Bruyere Village from Ottawa, came dangerously close the last day of the competition.

Top 3 team competition:
1 Furuset Seniorsenter, Norway 10,511 km
2 Bruyere Village Ottawa, Canada 10,374 km
3 Lura bo- og aktivitetssenter, Norway 5,835 km

Can’t Beat Norman Côté!

This year, just like last year, a Canadian won the men's world title. The dedicated 84-year-old cycled a total of 5,316 km - which is an average of 210 km every day for the 25 days that the competition lasted. That distance is far as some of the stages in the Tour De France!

Top 3 Men:
1. Norman Côté, Bruyere Village, Ottawa, Canada 5,316 km
2. Cyclist Lura living and activity center, Norway 1,634 km
3. Cyclist Bjørgene care and development center, Norway 1,623 km

Won by 1500 km

Early in the women's competition, it became clear that Cathrine Myhr had ambitions to sweep all resistance aside…and she did it.
With her total of 2,898 km, she was 1,500 km ahead of the closest challenger.

Top 3 women:
1. Cathrine Myhr Furuset Seniorsenter, Norway 2,898 km
2. Cyclist Betanien sykehjem, Norway 1,383 km
3. Cyclist Furuset Seniorsenter, Norway 1,146 km

Stay tuned for more stories from Road Worlds for Seniors the coming weeks!