Top 3 Benefits of Exercise For Seniors

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Countless studies have shown that exercise is good for us: as children, as adults, and especially as seniors. From physical benefits to mental health and preventative measures, here are some of the top ways physical activity can be a benefit to seniors.

1. Disease Prevention

Maintaining regular physical activity can help prevent many common diseases, such as heart disease and diabetes. Even light exercise such as walking or cycling can show benefits, and includes benefits to cognitive function as well, suggesting a lower risk of dementia for adults who are active.   

2. Decreased Risk of Falls

Older adults are at a higher risk of falls, and due to having reduced bone density and longer recovery times, these falls cause serious complications. With regular exercise, aging adults can improve their strength and flexibility, translating to improve balance and coordination and a reduced risk of falls.

3. Improved Mental Health

We all know the hardest part of exercising is getting started in the first place, and that’s because once we’re moving, endorphins are produced leaving us happier, more satisfied, and less stressed.  Plus, exercise has been linked to improved sleep, which is especially important for anyone suffering from insomnia and disrupted sleep patterns (common in seniors). Getting a good nights’ sleep is important to having a good day.

But exercise doesn’t only impact our physical and mental health. Often, exercise helps us maintain social ties within our community, because an active lifestyle is typically paired with joining a gym, or going to the adult lane-swim at the community pool. With Motitech’s technology, it encourages seniors in care homes to gather together to cycle to the videos. It’s important to keep friendships going - and to make new ones - as we age, to have a sense of purpose and avoid feelings of loneliness or depression.

If you’re interested in a demo, or finding out more about how you can get Motiview into long-term care homes and activity centres in your area, contact us today.