Why Motiview? The Real Benefits

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If you work or have a relative in a long-term care facility in Ottawa, then you’ve probably heard rumblings of Motitech and our product, Motiview. While at its core Motiview may seem like just another activity, it’s much more than just a way to keep loved ones occupied while they’re in care homes.

In fact, Motiview provides a host of benefits to seniors and adults living with dementia, many of them immediate. Here are a few benefits to watch for when Motiview enters care facilities.

Motiview Helps Improve Memory

Motiview systems compliment any stationary cycle. The videos (more than 1600 available from around the world!) are displayed on a screen, like a  TV, that simulates a bike ride through towns familiar to the residents. Aside from making the exercise more enjoyable, research shows memory stimulation can contribute to improving memory in persons with mild cognitive impairment. An important part of daily life at nursing homes is to work with memory recall in patients with dementia. The films used with Motiview are made to generate memories and associations.

It has also been demonstrated that the stimulation of memory can improve the brain’s plasticity, increase neuro-cognitive connections and slow down eventual degeneration.

Motiview Helps Reduce Pain

At 75, Eli Marie suffered from significant pain throughout her body, resulting in a lack of movement and desire to exercise causing her to be overweight: the safest and most comfortable thing for her to do had always been to sit calmly and do nothing. She took a number of painkillers daily to help manage.

That changed when the Nykirke Long Term Care Home in Bergen, where Eli Marie was staying, began a trial program with Motiview. With Motiview, she was able to comfortably cycle 15 minutes each day, and proudly lost almost 25 pounds!

Her weight loss combined with low impact movement not only lowered her pain levels, but improved her spirits and reduced the workload on the nurses as well.

Read more about Eli Marie’s transformation here!

Motiview Helps Improve Balance

In a day activity centre in Norway, 75 year old Wenche Gjertsen had the opportunity to cycle with Motiview. Before attending the program, she suffered from daily falls. Just three months after riding for 10-15km, three times a week with Motiview, she’s only fallen three times!

“It’s an absolute revelation; it’s unbelievable,” she says.

In addition to poor balance, Wenche used to suffer from breathing problems.

“Since I’ve started training my breathing has also got a lot easier. I’ve gradually reduced and now only use oxygen at night while I’m asleep.”

Learn more about Wenche’s story here!

Motiview Helps Improve Rehabilitation

Ola Melhus participated in a trial program and had Motiview installed in his home. The trial is part of the Lindås project, Norway’s largest project within the healthcare technology industry. Ola was experiencing problems with balance after returning home from a hospital stay. He was given daily exercises as well as access to a balance-training group, but nothing improved his balance and motivated him to exercise as much as cycling with Motiview did.

Within just one month, health personnel saw a clear improvement in his balance and mobility.

“To start with, it took him 23 seconds to walk four metres using a walker. When I came to test him again after a month, he didn’t want to use the walker, left it to one side and walked four metres on his own in the same 23 seconds,” physiotherapist Kari-Anne Simonsen told us.

Read more about Ola’s rehab with Motiview here!

Placing Motiview technology into long-term care facilities and day activity centres has shown positive improvements in elderly patients and/or adults with dementia. More than just another activity option, the technology helps improve quality of life for patients, and by default, for the nurses and family members as well. If you’d like to know more about Motiview and how to get the technology into your facility, call us today at 613-800-1125 or contact us online.